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What If Instagram Tells You About How Its Algorithms Work?

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for businesses. As Facebook has promotional groups where people can engage and speak with the brands, Instagram offers a unique shop and more for business profiles.

IN HIS ARTICLE, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri explains how the Algorithm works and how it shows your profile in the peoples’ feed.

In this way, he explains how the content is ranked for the feed, explore, reels, and stories section. He also touches on the topic of shadow banning, and maybe people’s theories about it are accurate.

Here are some key points from Mosseri’s article.

Instagram Algorithm(S) 101

Mosseri explains that each chunk of the app, i.e., feed, explore, reels, & stories has its ranking factors. So, there is not a single algorithm that ranks all the content on Instagram.

here’s how everything works:

Stories And Feed

There are thousands of indications used to check how and in which order the content should be displayed.

Mosseri explains that some critical signs indicate the ranking of the main stories and feed.

  • Basic information: It indicates that how popular the post is getting. For instance, the likes of a post, time, place it was posted on, and so on.
  • History of content creator:just like any other platform, Instagram also checks about the performance of this content creator in the recent posts. By that, it will determine the ranking.
  • User activity: It may shock you, but Instagram also checks your activity, for instance, how many posts you’ve shared or reviewed.
  • History of interface with other creators: This part depends upon the comment section and whether the user and the creator were engaging through this or not.

From there, the algorithms indicates the engagement of users with a post. So, if it is more, there are more chances it will rank a post.


Likewise, for the feed post, Instagram checks:

On the other hand, there are some elements that the Instagram algorithm prevents. One of them is that it does not show duplicate or too many posts from the same user.

Instagram Explore Algorithm

It is entirely different from the feed. Instagram Explore Algorithm works in a way that it follows the activity of a particular user and shows them their favorite type of posts in the explore section.

For instance, if a user spends most of the time watching craft videos, then Instagram will bring more to its explore section.

In other words, there are specific signals that find relevant posts for a user.

It means that creators have to find the relevant hashtags and post something unique in that niche.


Instagram is a perfect platform for businesses and creators. However, Mosseri also points something around shadow banning and the reasons why content gets banned.

So, there are specific rules that you have to follow in order to maintain your followers and ranking.

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