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Things You Must Know About Google Ranking Factors

Things You Must Know About Google Ranking Factors

What are the things you must know about Google?

There are many misconceptions about Google’s ranking factors.

Although the company has never revealed all of its secrets, it has given us a glimpse into what they deem important when it comes to SEO.It is time to take a look at these ranking factors and see which ones you should be focusing on!

Google has been the number one search engine for over a decade, and it is no surprise why.Google knows what people want, and they deliver. Websites that rank well on Google enjoy more traffic, better conversion rates, higher rankings in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), less competition from other websites, and increased customer loyalty.

The company’s engineers are constantly tweaking and improving their core ranking algorithm to produce higher-quality search results for users. This is done by using hundreds of ranking factors that can be combined in over a billion ways!

This blog post will converse things you must know about Google’s ranking factors, which will help your sites rank better on Google!

Things You Must Know About Google Ranking Factors

1: Factor-keywords

First, you must know that Google is considered to be the largest search engine. It ranks almost all of your searches based on their relevance. Basically, Google’s ranking factors are used to determine which website will be shown on the first pages of the Google search results.

One of the most significant factors is the use of keywords in generating the content of a site.

Keywords are the words or terms that the searcher types in the Google search bar to find information.

These words or phrases are made into strings, and then these strings are entered by the surfer into the Google search engine. This process goes on until the searcher gets enough hits that he wants to determine if his website is among those that are the most popular.


In order for your site to rank well, you must be able to optimize your web pages with the right keywords. The use of keyword-rich content is known to make your site rank well.

However, there is also a downside to this approach. This method has the tendency to attract a large number of spammers.

If you want your site to rank well, you have to hire an SEO expert who knows how to optimize your web pages so as not to get blacklisted by search engines.This process called ‘Sitemap’ is also a big factor to consider when optimizing your site.

2: Factor- Relevance

Another factor that ranks well on Google is relevance. Google looks at content’s relevance that appears on your site compared to the sites of the same category.

A good example of this is when Google ranks a video against that of a “how-to video,” it will not rank well if the content is similar. Having links from other relevant sites improves your ranking on Google. One way to get more links is to submit your site to article directories.

In addition, link-building strategies such as blogging are also a good way to achieve higher rankings.

3: Factor, Simple Web Design

You also need to keep your site’s page structure simple and clear.

A site that is full of flash graphics and animations may appear well, but it is very hard to navigate. Search engines have difficulty reading all the elements of your site.

Your website’s navigation should be easy to understand so that users can quickly find what they need. A good ranking can be achieved this way.


4: Factor- Regular Posting

In order to get ranked well, you must regularly add fresh, relevant content to your site. There are many strategies to submit new, fresh content to search engines. However, a common strategy is to submit your site to article directories. An article contains a link to a site, and if a reader likes what he read, he will click the link and visit the site.

Google is very strict with its ranking system. Many people think that they can get better rankings by dishonest means, but they can’t.

However, the best way to improve your Google ranking is to be sure that everything you do is in accordance with Google’s policies.If you are unsure how to create a great landing page or if your website is not optimized for particular searches, you should hire a professional SEO consultant.

This is an affordable way of improving your traffic. When a web surfer visits your site, he needs to find what he is looking for. If you cannot direct him to the right pages, you will never get any traffic. Therefore, you must target your keywords to increase your ranking.

Google is not only interested in your site’s quality. It also wants to see your visitors. Therefore, a good design can increase your ranking.When web surfers come to your site, they should feel welcome and comfortable because this will lead them to click on a link to your homepage.

5: Factor- PageRank & Inbound Links

Google has many features that help it analyze your website. This is why you need to choose the ones that suit your needs. In addition, other things you must know about google’s ranking factors include the PageRank and the Inbound Links. These two factors are used to determine your site’s page ranking.

You can ask for professional SEO services if you are still unsure of how to improve your ranking. These services are very affordable, and you can achieve great results.

These are the things you must know about google’s ranking factors. And if something is out of your understanding, ask experts at

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