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Is It Necessary To Write Best Author Bio For SEO? Read To Know

Do search engine optimization and get more audience.
But wait! Does SEO also require you to have a perfect author bio? What else?
One of the most asked questions is why SEO is so complicated that it is now making author bio a ranking factor?
It is simple. Google has to check the website’s authority, trust and expertise in order to see if it is worth ranking or not.


It is also known as E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trust), which is interestingly stated 137 times in Google’s recent update.Since the new algorithm has shaken the heads of many SEO professionals, which they are now calling a Medic update, they have witnessed some core algorithm changes which will take the whole game upside down.

Just like that, some SEO professionals like Lily Ray have done quite a good job in determining E-A-T and how google will consider a website’s ranking with it.

Still, we should not misunderstand these quality checking factors with the SEO rankings. Google does not rank websites based on author repute.

However, it is more about the website now. So, why all this effort of writing perfect SEO bios?

Ranking On Google And Author Authority

Google is a strange but perfect platform that keeps everything moving like a perfect solar system. If we look at the Author authority, then google does not directly care about it. Though, it is more about the user experience, which google does supervise.

Just as Google’s John Mueller suggested, the necessity of an author’s bio is not that important, but the reader must get every chunk of information that he requires from you. He also suggested that you do a small study where you try to show why the people who created content for your sites are best.

Besides, the authority of a website would only be shown at its best if people who write about it know what they are trying to say.


Google Authorship Markup

On the other hand, Google always cared about the author’s reputation. Even we can see that in google plus from 2005.

The primary goal was to show that ranking of a specific page is a mixed effort of the authors, and then in 2011, google introduced authorship markup.

Authorship markup was an easy way to connect a particular page with its author and give him credits for it. Besides, it was not a direct ranking factor, but it was for the search engines to reinforce them by highlighting authors in result pages.

Recent Updates

Despite this, Google’s recent update clearly brings out how authorship is still important for it. Also, the update shows that these authorships and bylines are the best way to build trust with the audience.

On the other hand, Google is also suggesting websites to put author URLs in article sigma, which takes us back to the point where it clearly shows that Google is interested in authorship more than ever.

Bottom Line

Understanding google has never been a part of any professional’s SEO journey, but they all have put their weapons down to a point where they agree that google wants the best for their users. So, it is not mentioned that writing the fittest author bio will get you a higher ranking, but it is more about providing some value to the user.

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