Generate Leads Directly From The Search Bar With Google Ads Lead Form Extension

The new era is about getting smarter and faster as no one is interested in anything unless it provides some value. Even for websites, people jump off of your site if they find irrelevant content or too much clutter. Also, loading time can lead to a bad user experience. 

So, you need to find out a way to keep your user satisfied from every side.

In this way, google ads lead form extension is a great way to increase the user experience. This extension is a valuable tool to combine search, display, and more.

What Is A Google Lead Form Extension?

As for Google,

“lead form extensions help you create leads by letting people submit their information in a form directly in your ad.”

Google lead extension can be made in your google ads account, and you can attach it with your anticipated campaign.

What it does is that when your audience sees your ad on the search bar, they are incited to put their information such as email, mobile phones, or any CTA that you have placed.

In this way, they would not have to wait for the site to load and directly give you a lead.

Why Bother Using Google Lead Form Extension?

It has enormous benefits and some setbacks, but most of all, it is really easy and handy to create. These lead forms are beneficial for B2B companies that might need the user information more than any B2C company.

Google Lead Form Extension

Likewise, it is hard for some brands to build a premium website that is user-friendly and fast, and if you are one of them, you should give lead form extensions a chance. It would make it convenient for you to generate leads.

Some Pros And Cons Of Using Lead Form Extensions

You must grasp the idea and purpose of the tool first and then check its benefits and drawbacks. Here are some pros and cons of using this extension.




Requirements To Get Started With Lead Extensions

There are few requirements from google that make you a qualifier of google ads lead extension:

Bottom Line

Where many companies try different SEO and SEM techniques to find their way into the immense marketplace, you can try these forms if you are not encouraged with the user experience of your website.

In this way, you can also have a vast range of options, such as using in search, display, YouTube, and more.

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